Green County Fair

June 7-17, 2019

fair project examples

Green County youth aged 9-18 are encouraged to enter their 4-H projects into the Green County Fair.  Their age is based on the youth's age as of January 1 before the fair.  Cloverbud aged youth (ages 5-8) may display their exhibits also during the County Fair.  For nonanimal based projects, the Green County Fair is the qualifying event for a youth to advance to the Kentucky State Fair.


June 7: Livestock Shows

Dairy Livestock Show

Beef Livestock Show

June 9:  County and State Fair Exhibit Rules 

These rules are updated annually and will be followed in determining class champions that will advance to the State Fair.  It is the youth's responsibilities to prepare their exhibits according to the guidelines listed below.  Many of the categories refer to 4-H publications that can be ordered from the National 4-H Mall.  Your local 4-H office may have copies that you can review prior to purchasing your copy.  Contact the 4-H office for specific category questions prior to completing your exhibits.  

  • Arts 6029  PDF icon.pdf
  • Bicycle 6020 PDF icon.pdf
  • Communication & Leadership 6041 PDF icon.pdf
  • Crops 6018 PDF icon.pdf
  • Consumer & Financial Education 6040 PDF icon.pdf
  • Country Ham 6013 PDF icon.pdf
  • Dairy Judging Contest 6012.1 PDF icon.pdf
  • Dog PDF icon.pdf
  • Dog Poster 6011.4 PDF icon.pdf
  • Electric 6021 PDF icon.pdf
  • Entomology & Honey 6026 PDF icon.pdf
  • Foods 6035 PDF icon.pdf
  •                Foods RecipesPDF iconpdf
  • Food Preservation 6036 PDF icon.pdf
  •                Food preservation recipesPDF icon.pdf
  • Forestry 6027 PDF icon.pdf
  • Geology 6028 PDF icon.pdf
  • Home Environment 6039 PDF icon.pdf
  • Horticulture & Plant Science 6015 PDF icon.pdf
    • Horticulture Contest 6016 PDF icon.pdf
  • Land Judging 6019 PDF icon.pdf
  • Lawn Tractor 6023 PDF icon.pdf
  • Needlework 6033 PDF icon.pdf
  • Petroleum Power (tractor) 6022 PDF icon.pdf
  • Photography 6030 PDF icon.pdf
  • Poultry
    • Poultry Judging 6014 PDF icon.pdf
    • Avian Bowl 6014.1 PDF icon.pdf
  • Rabbits 6009 PDF icon.pdf
  • Sewing
    • Sewing 6032 PDF icon.pdf
    • Sewing Skillathon 6032.1PDF icon.pdf
  • Tobacco 2101 PDF icon.pdf
  • Trends  6042 PDF icon.pdf
  • Wood Science 6025 PDF icon.pdf

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