Total Grants Since 2000 - $644,023

Green County 4-H has been fortunate to receive several grants recently.  Grants and their amounts are listed below: 

Office of Juvenile Justice Mentoring Grant  2017-2019, $25,000

Kentucky 4-H Foundation  2014 Green County 4-H Ham House $1000

National 4-H Council 2014:  Mentoring Grant $7,374

DART:  2014 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Grant to expand Robotics $5,000

Phase 1 Tobacco Grant
2005-2008 - Green County 4-H received $36,560 to start a Heifer Chain program for the youth of Green County that had been impacted by the Tobacco Buyout program.

State 4-H Ventures
2003 - Green County partnered with the Adair County 4-H program to receive almost $10,000 to develop and pilot a Global Positioning System (GPS) program for youth. 

Department of Agriculture
2007- $2,100 to construct an arena for the Horse Club and other animal projects.

2004 - $900 to purchase video editing equipment, resources for environmental camps, and support for continuing our agricultural and rural safety day.

2002 - $700 to conduct an environmental camp at American Legion Park as part of our Kid's Day quarterly activities.  Parents will be required to spend the night as environmental education activities and community service activities are conducted.

2001 - $400.00 was received to purchase a wireless weather lab that teachers may use in their classroom.  The kit has been purchased and a unified support structure is being made to make the kit easier to move.

Health Rocks!
2002 - received $4,000 to pilot test a new health curriculum.
2004 - received $1,000 to implement program.
2005 - received $1,000 to pilot Life Rocks curriculum.

Green County 4-H has received over $5,400 to help youth learn entrepreneurial skills and develop projects in their own society.  This grant was received from the Kaufman Foundation from Kansas City.
2007- $250 mini-grant to pilot the "Be the E" curriculum.

Tree Planting - A community service project to plant trees along the walking trail at the park was funded for $1000.00.  Trees will be planted in March at the American Legion Park.

21st Century Learning Center - Green County 4-H was involved in Green County receiving $514,213 over the three years to provide after-school activities at our middle school.  

Licking Valley Community Action Program - $500 to conduct Violence Awareness/Prevention activities for parent information that will provide training, information, and support to parents of children in elementary and secondary schools.

Progressive Farmer Farm Safety Day Camp - Green County was selected to conduct camps in 2000 - 2009.  The total financial commitment is estimated at $10,000 annually.