Volunteers can serve many roles sharing their skills, hobbies and expertise.  If you would like to be a 4-H Volunteer Leader or explore ways to help 4-H in Green County, contact Tyrone Gentry, 4-H Agent at the Green County Cooperative Extension Service.

As a volunteer you may:

*  teach young people "Learning by doing"

*  help young people plan and learn to work with others while working towards individual and group goals

*  receive satisfaction influencing the development of young people, contributing towards career 
    decisions, and knowing you have a stake in tomorrow

*  become a part of the world's largest youth organization

The Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service requires each prospective volunteer who works directly with youth to:

  1. Complete the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Volunteer Application Form
  2. Agree to abide by and sign the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Expectations for Volunteers form
  3. Sign an appropriate position
  4. Participate in a background check
  5. Be trained in the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service Youth Protection Standard