Engineering Project: Design a Rubber Band Car

Engineering Project: Design a Rubber Band Car

Rubber Band Car

Engineering Project: Design a Rubber Band Car



Green County Cooperative Extension Office 298 Happyville Road Greensburg, KY 42743

Last Revised: Feb 5th, 2024

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Calling all innovators and aspiring engineers! Get ready to put your creativity and problem-solving skills to the test at our Rubber  Band Racer Challenge, a thrilling activity designed to ignite your passion for science, technology, engineering, and math. This exciting event, open to youth in grades 4-8, invites you to channel your inner gear head and build the fastest, most innovative rubber band car  imaginable. Using simple materials like cardboard, straws, and of course rubber bands, you’ll be challenged to design, build, and race your miniature masterpiece. The grand finale will be a heart-pounding race where your car will race against others.

The event will be held March 6 from 3-5pm at the 4-H office. Youth may ride the school bus to our office with a school note, but an adult will need to pick them up at 5pm.

Mark your calendars for our Rubber Band Racer Challenge! We can’t wait to see your  incredible creations!

 Register by Feb 25;  by calling the 4-H office.  Youth must complete a 4-H Personal Information & Enrollment form ( before arriving. If you would like to learn more, contact the Green County 4-H office at 270-932-5311 or email  


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