FCS September 2022 Newsletter

FCS September 2022 Newsletter

FCS September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022 Edition

Family & Consumer Sciences
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August Recap-
Salsa Canning Class- We had a great turn out for my first class. We had 17 people attending which was unreal to think about! I want to thank everyone
that was able to come and enjoyed the salsa! Cannot to see you all at more classes!


September 1: Help Hope and Hands 9am
September 5: Labor Day (office closed)
September 7: Budgeting Course 10am- Call 270-932-5311 to register your spot!
September 8: Help Hope and Hands 9am
September 13: Summersville 5:30pm at Summersville Baptist Church
September 15: Help Hope and Hands 9am
September 19: Homemaker Council Meeting 4pm
September 22: Help Hope and Hands 9am
September 22: Homemaker Kickoff 5:30p- Call 270-932-5311 to purchase your ticket! $10
September 24: Russell Springs Quilt Exhibit (see page 5 for more info)
September 27: Homemaker Trip to Jackson's Orchard 
September 27: Circle of Friends 4:30pm at Extension Office
September 28: Cooking from the Calendar 11am
September 29: Help Hope and Hands 9am
September 29: Lesson Leader Training- Mason Jar Scarecrows- Debbie Shephard

National Honey Month
Did you know that a single worker honeybee produces approximately 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime. That means around 22,700 bees are needed to fill a single jar of honey! The reasoning behind September being National Honey Month is because this is the month that bees are staying secure in their hives as they prepare for the winter.

Honey is not only used for food but it is also known to be a health aid. During ancient times, honey was used for its medicinal purposes so the next time that you have a cough, try reaching for the jar of honey to coat and soothe that throat irritation. Honey is even known to help heal canker sores and relive dry skin.
What's your favorite recipe using honey?

If you don't have a favorite honey recipe, join us on September 28th for Cooking from the Calendar. Honey Mustard Chicken Tenders are on the menu!

September 22nd marks the first day of fall! I don't know about you but that makes me want to scream and jump around all at once. September is the time to break out those fall decorations and get to making your house feel cozy! If you have any DIY decorations that you have made for fall, post them on Facebook and tag Green County Family and Consumer Sciences! I would love to see all of your beautiful creations!